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These are song backgrounds from Alan in the Spring of 2000, with images from Zak added as well. I've broken the files out into sections to minimize the loading time, or read the complete file.

  • I Could Live In Hope (1994) - Words, Fear, Cut, Slide, Lazy, Lullaby, Sea, Down, Drag, Rope, Sunshine
  • Long Division (1995) - Violence, Below & Above, Shame, Throw Out the Line, Swingin', See-Through, Turn, Caroline, Alone, Streetlight, Stay, Take
  • Summershine and Transmission EPs (1995) - Tired, Transmission, Bright, Caroline 2, Hands, Jack Smith, Untitled
  • The Curtain Hits the Cast (1996) - Anon, The Plan, Over the Ocean, Mom Says, Coattails, Standby, Laugh, Lust, Stars Gone Out, Same, Do You Know How To Waltz, Dark
  • B-sides, Compilations, and EPs, 1996-1997 - Peanut Butter Toast and American Bandstand, Be There, I Started A Joke, Venus, Boyfriends & Girlfriends, Tomorrow One, Prisoner, Turning Over, Lift, Lord Can You Hear Me?, No Need
  • Songs for a Dead Pilot (1997) - Will the Night, Condescend, Born By the Wires, Be There, Landlord, Hey Chicago
  • B-sides and Compilations, 1998-1999 - Joan of Arc, Long Long Long, Sleep at the Bottom, Blue-Eyed Devil, I Remember 7", Back Home Again, Those Girls, Liar
  • Secret Name (1999) - I Remember, Starfire, Two-Step, Weight of Water, Missouri, Don't Understand, Soon, Immune, Lion / Lamb, Days of..., Will the Night, Home, Old Man Song, Last Breath
  • Christmas (1999) - Just Like Christmas, Long Way Around the Sea, Little Drummer Boy, If You Were Born Today, Blue Christmas, Silent Night, Taking Down the Tree, One Special Gift
  • EPs, 2000 - The Exit Papers Soundtrack
  • Things We Lost in the Fire (2001)
  • In the Fishtank (2001) - with the Dirty Three
  • Unreleased Songs - David & Jude, Lice Song, Small Words