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david & jude - written in '95. we play it live a lot. recorded it in '95 at calvin johnson's studio - he even played melodica on it, but it has never appeared on a recorded release. . . someday. it's about israel.

lice song - one of several children's songs we have. someday we'll put them all together on something. started playing this live in '99 and it quickly became popular. i won't admit if it's a true story.

small words - another short song we play live from time to time but have never recorded. it's about our first time playing a non-english speaking country (belgium). people were singing our songs to us though they only knew a little english. then afterwards, talking to them was a new and strange experience. to meet people on the other side of the world who know and love what we do, has been one the most wonderful and humbling experiences of being in this band.

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