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B-Sides & Compilations (1996)
peanut butter toast and american bandstand - done for the gourmandizer 'zine compilaton. my mother has a picture of me at age 2 dancing with no pants on in front of am. bandstand on t.v. the song was required to be around 1 minute long.

be there - original appeared as a b-side to the "over the ocean" single in the u.k. on caroline records. recorded in a studio in duluth - made us realize we should look into getting our own recording equipment.

i started a joke - zak's idea. great bee gees song. someday we'll cover their whole first record. appeared on the jabberjaw benefit c.d. on mammoth records. jabberjaw, in l.a., was one of our first and favorite clubs to play. met many of our dearest friends there.

Finally . . . (1996)
cool polaroid
tomorrow one - had lots of extra songs from the curtain recording sessions. wished we had a little more time. this was on the british "finally" e.p. and the brits kinda picked up on this song - heard that everything but the girl it had on a favorites list.

prisoner - originally a hospital people song. recorded in a hurry, but turned out interesting.

turning over - also recorded in a hurry. main guitar riff unintentionally similar to "one" by metallica (same 3 notes, different order).

Venus / Boyfriends & Girlfriends (1997)
venus - one of the first "pop-y" songs we ever did. we did hesitate over it, thinking it didn't fit with what we were about, but decided we liked the song too much. it would be just as dishonest to suppress something from the heart, as it would be to force ourselves to do a song we didn't feel strongly about. this was recorded by our friend tom herbers. this song was originally written in a 4-track tape trade with jessica bailiff.

boyfriends & girlfriends - recorded by tom herbers along with "venus". probably played it a bit fast. it wants to be a 6 or 7 minute song, but we were trying to fit it on a 7".

B-Sides & Compilations (1997)
Zak's artwork for the Dirth 3 posters
lift - from paper aeroplanes comp. 7". i don't know if we've ever played this live.

lord can you hear me? - for spacemen 3 tribute record on rocket girl. we really enjoyed doing this. mim's sister, wanda, helped with the background vocals. i remember zak playing me "perfect prescription" years ago and it was amazing. we just jumped up and down. we've met both sonic and jason. jason said he liked our version of his song. both are some of the nicest "potentially strange" people we've met. jason smokes like a chimney.

no need - this is on a split c.d. single with the dirty 3 on touch-n-go. recorded at home on the 4-track shortly before recording songs for a dead pilot. had pictured it with unending "i don't need. . ." lines, but it would have been too long, so again it was a matter of narrowing it down to just a few. hap-hazzard mix ends up being interesting with the howling lo-fi reverb. first time with the e-bow bass, something that would appear more later.

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