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Songs for a Dead Pilot (1997)
Songs for a Dead Pilot preliminary songlist
will the night - following in the "stars gone out" tradition. one of our favorite songs. this version recorded on a mini-cassette recorder with us hovering over, then played back through a lot of reverb. sometimes i think we should do a whole record this way.

condescend - first attempt at strings, the pop tradition. the baby sounds are from one of the cello players' daughter. the timing was so perfect we had to leave it in.

born by the wires - studies show that people who live under major power lines become "addicted" to them. one take - didn't know what we were going to end up with.

be there (2nd version) - optigan keyboard, put mic in washing machine and bang on it.

landlord - zak brought the rough idea in. it's about trying to make music in your tiny appartment. you always sound cautious and tiny.

hey chicago - about something that happened to zak. . . in oakland. soundman chris on keyboard and mim and alan talking through bass synth pedal at end.

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