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Joan of Arc (1998)
Joan of Arc
joan of arc - this song finally came together when we played it faster. did well in the u.k. i think because we used the word "love" as term of endearment.

unnamed instrumental (at end of "joan of arc") - remnant of short-lived notion to have an alter-ego band called "red lolte" (zak on drums, alan on keyboards, mim on vocals).

long long long - probably the best overlooked song by the beatles. george was the darkhorse. i think we got a couple of the chords wrong, but it's one of our favorites.

B-Sides & Compilations (1998)
sleep at the bottom - spur-the-moment, written on the spot, collaboration with lauren from transient waves (whom we'd never met before) and the folks from piano magic.

blue-eyed devil - heard rumour of our friends, soul coughing, doing "words" so we thought we'd return the gesture. despite the odd experience it was, opening for them for a month, we are greatly privileged to be friends with those guys.

B-Sides & Compilations (1999)
i remember (2nd version) - always wanted to hear mim sing this song. did this right after coming home from recording secret name. call it hospital people with guest vocalist. this is the b-side to the u.k. "immune" single. fun to do.

back home again - mark kozelek asked us to do this for the john denver trib. laid down a bunch of instruments, but narrowed it down in the end. the vocal on a john d. song is elusively difficult and clever. learned a lot doing this song.

Songs from the John Peel Session (1999)
those girls - a.k.a. "song for nico". part of our '99 peel session. perhaps it will come up again elsewhere in the future. the line "close to the frozen borderline" is supposed to refer to a song of hers, but i think i've got it wrong.

liar - part of the '99 peel session we did. zak played piano. we did a version of "last breath" on that session, but it was accidentally erased - very uncharacteristic of the famed BBC engineers.

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