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In the Fishtank (with the Dirty Three) (2001)
i hear ... goodnight - this whole record was a complete pleasure to make. the dirty 3 are one of the greatest bands we have ever met and we learned so much in just the 2 days in the studio with them. this was a song i sorta had for a while, but it always seemed a bit forced when just low tried it. with the D3, it was able to completely go where it was begging to go.

down by the river - neil young cover. one of my favorite things we've ever done. again, the D3 way was the only way to go with this. did one take with more "structure", but realized that the best stuff was the loosest stuff, so this is the second take. when mim comes in with the vocal...

invitation day - mick from D3 had some chords and i had a couple lines. the only pre-planned thing about this session was "hey, do you know 'down by the river?'" everything else was put together there the same day it was recorded, and usually in one take.

when i called upon your seed - warren had an idea on the organ, mim did the lyrics. she comes up with some great stuff under pressure.

cody - this is something zak and mick worked out. it's basically the D3 with zak on bass. i know what it's about, but it's pretty personal to zak, so i won't elaborate.

lordy - in the studio, there was this little banjo/mandolin thing with only 3 rusty strings that i was plinking around on. again, the D3 approach made it all work. did one take and decided if we did another that we'd start thinking too much and probably ruin it.

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