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Summershine (1995)
tired - an outtake from long division that we put on a summershine (australia) e.p. that was a sort of sampler from our previous records. ironically, it's the song we titled long division from.

Transmission (1995)
transmission - we had been playing this joy division song at shows and the guy putting together the tribute record saw us do it in n.y. and asked us to record it. kramer really got into it. the eno loop/sample at the beginning was his idea. we could only fit one verse in. if you pin us against the wall, we'd have to say that joy division is probably one of the biggest influences on us, if we had to point to specific bands. i heard j.d. for the first time the same evening i heard the velvet underground the first time.

bright - this recording with albini was a big factor in deciding to do secret name with him. it sounds like it's going to explode. albini called mim the tooth-brushinest girl he'd ever seen.

caroline 2 - "darker" version of original on long division. became more confident with the song as we later played it live. this is from our first session with albini.

hands - an outtake from long division. done very quickly, like most of that record.

jack smith - supreme dicks cover. one of our favorite bands to play with. i think i mis-quote the lyrics.

untitled - hidden track on transmission e.p. played on an old hammond organ. loosely based on a woman we know in georgia.

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