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The Curtain Hits the Cast (1996)
Curtain and hand
anon - from a dream i had one night.

the plan - one of my favorite mim songs. watch for the demo version of this on the shanti 2 fundraiser c.d. on badman records.

over the ocean - written on the bass, waiting for zak to join the band (he had to move from oakland). i was really sick and could only hit a few notes, one being the high "iiiiii'm". not many songs out there that use the word "dell" - perhaps a tribute to southern wisconsin.

mom says - it's, um, about my mother. i lost a helium balloon. it was blue. mom said the astronauts would get it for me.

coattails - mim's most minimal moment. steve fisk did the OMD-like mellotron.

standby - wanted the end to be this big orchestral build like a cardinal song.

laugh - one of our first "muscle" songs. perhaps a tip to neil young. zak did the distorted keyboard, following the classic low keyboard approach - one take, completely lost and confused (see "stay").

lust - fun song to play live, especially at speak in tongues in cleveland.

stars gone out - first "wordy" song we wrote. influenced by many hours on the road listening to the oldies stations (righteous brothers, roy orbison, etc.). a love song, perhaps.

same - the writer's block song.

do you know how to waltz? - started short and simple, quickly became the long, wall of noise song. sounds like many layers of guitar, but it's actually just one take from 2 amps. added some backwards piano and rolling cymbal. has become a popular request at shows. hard to justify sometimes - there are so many bands out there that do the "long, loud drone" better than we do. played it with godspeed you black emporor! in chicago in '98 for 30 minutes - probably the furthest it could ever be taken.

dark - sort of a children's song. wanted it to creep into the ears of those who fell asleep during "...waltz".

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