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Christmas (1999)
just like christmas - true story from our spring '99 tour in europe. tried this song many different ways. stumbled on the solution while just messing around on the optigan keyboard (thank you, steve fisk!) zak heard hints of spector so we just went with it. one of the most a-typical songs we've ever done, but also one of our favorites. our two year old nephew can't get enough of it.

long way around the sea - about the nativity wise men. mimi's sister wanda helped with the back-ups (see "lord can you hear me?")

little drummer boy - the original drone-rock christmas carol. mim and zak on percussion, alan on optigan through all kinds of distortion and reverb. tones jump out of the din.

if you were born today - a.k.a. "song for baby jesus". originally on the '97 wurlitzer jukebox single. hard to talk about what it's about without making some boring social commentary.

blue christmas - one of our first efforts at home recording. very strange playing all those jazz chords. this appeared originally on the wurlitzer jukebox single in '97.

silent night - recorded in our kitchen with a stereo microphone.

taking down the tree - was actually written while taking down the tree. the nosebleed refers to mim's dry weather problem.

one special gift - started out as a song about being poor at christmas time, but i think mimi gave it a higher meaning with "for one special guest" at the end. i (alan) was going to sing it but i thought it sounded too much like smog.



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