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Small Words
We've got some big things to say
But we've got small words
The world would be a much bigger place
If it were for small words
Little, itty-bitty words
Easy-to-spell words
Small words


David and Jude
You stay with David, I'll stay with Jude
You stay with David, I'll stay with Jude
Someday the paperwork will all come through
And then I'll stay with David, and you can stay with Jude


The Lice Song
I got a note today from school
It was about some special shampoo
My mom looked so strange as she read it
Why, oh why did I have to get it?

I get my own few days' vacation
Wash my clothes, my hair, my pillow
Back at school everybody calls me names
They scream, "It's Lice Boy!"
Then they run away

Someday you might get lice, too
Your friends will run away from you
So be nice
To people with lice
To people with lice
The people with lice
Be nice
To people with lice