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in the fishtank EP
(Low & Dirty Three)

in the fishtank EP cover
  1. i hear... goodnight
  2. down by the river
  3. invitation day
  4. when i called upon your seed
  5. cody
  6. lordy


i hear... goodnight
i hear the cars go by
i hear the baby cry
i hear the darkening sky

i hear the window shake
i hear the silence break
i hear the moon turn to blood

and it says
oooh oooh
and it says
oooh ooh



down by the river (by Neil Young)
be on my side and i'll be on your side
there is no reason for you to hide
it's so hard for me to stay here all alone
when you could be taking me for a ride

you take my hand, I'll take your hand
together we may get away
this much madness is too much sorrow
it's impossible to make it today

she could drag me
over the rainbow
send me away

down by the river
I shot my baby
down by the river


invitation day


when i called upon your seed