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Low, "Venus"

from The War Against Silence 232, "We Will Not Enter Into the Metaphysics of the Toucan", 8 July 1999.

It seems like the isolation effect that made the Empress single even more striking than the album should work with Low, too, but it doesn't, at least not for me. "Venus" is a little too quick, and although "Boyfriends & Girlfriends" is glacial, Zak plucks his bass too decisively, and it sort of ruins the mood. Sub Pop, 45 on the front, 33 on the back, although it wasn't until the vocals started that I realized I was listening to the b-side on the wrong speed. Large spindle-hole, to increase the chance you won't expect the speed-change. Black, including an embossed black-on-black sleeve only readable in lamp glare.

- glenn mcdonald (this review is copyrighted by him, 1999)