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Low, Trust [Rough Trade]

from The Observer Review, 22 September 2002

Over five albums, Low have carved a reputation as one of the most remarkable bands around. They are three: a married couple, Mimi and Alan Sparhawk -- Minnesotan Mormons on vocals, guitar, and drums -- and bassist Zak Sally. As their name implies, they make minimalist, minor-key rock music that rarely actually rocks. Sometimes, it's barely audible: a brush swish here, a distant chord there. But the emotional impact of their tightly laced compositions is immense.

Their sixth album finds Low turning up the volume, but losing little of their hypnotic intensity. 'Canada', particularly, sees the dial cranked up high to about 2 on the Spinal Tap scale. But when the tone of 'The Lamb' turns from restrained lament to martial death march, your bones turn to glass.


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