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Low, Trust [Rough Trade]

from Metroland, Albany, NY, 12 September 2002.

Low's continued explorations of somnambulist rhythms and enveloping quietude are to be lauded. Over the past decade they've found ever more subtly powerful layers in their spare sound. Their latest, Trust, was mixed by Tchad Blake, a perfect choice that bodes well for further collaborations. Last year's Things We Lost in the Fire (produced by Steve Albini) found the trio adding volume and propulsion previously foreign to their shores. The experience clearly pleased them and this set's second song, "Canada," leaps out with high decibel glee. It's important to note though that it was the second song; the opener is the mesmerizing and ethereal "(That's How You Sing) Amazing Grace," a song rich with their characteristic open landscape and spiritual bearing.

The entwined vocals of Mimi Parker and Alan Sparhawk create an entity that is something different -- and often more potent -- than their voices alone. Also on the vocal front this time is a guest appearance that no one would've seen coming: Gerry Beckley from seventies soft-rockers America. The album is almost top heavy with great songs, each one of which has its own confident individuality, each one its own windswept short film. "Little Argument with Myself" has arrangement flourishes which evoke, in the musical library of my mind, "Shootout at the O.K. Corral." It then gives way to the uneasy lullaby of "La La La Song." This is an album which yields incredible rewards with each new listening.

-- David Greenberger


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