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Low, Transmission

from CMJ Issue 460, 5 February 1996.

Low's third record makes a virtue of its inconsistency - the band is as quiet and languid as ever, but four different sources of the recording show off a broader range of its capabilities than we've seen before. "Transmission" (a Kramer-produced Joy Division cover that first surfaced on A Means To An End) is one of the few Low songs that reaches any kind of climax, but climaxes aren't really what Low is about. "Bright" and a new version of "Caroline," recorded by Steve Albini, prove both that Mr. Shellac can record very quiet music, and that you can take away even more from the ultra-minimal sound of the first two Low albums and the band will still shine with its pale, unflickering glow. A second Kramer production and a brief Supreme Dicks cover are nice additions, but the real highlight of Transmission is its untitled bonus track, a gorgeous, purring piece put together at home by guitarist Alan Sparhawk - it may take a little work to get it on the air, but it's worth it.

- DOUGLAS WOLK: CMJ New Music Report Issue: 460 - Feb 5, 1996


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