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Low, "Things We Lost In The Fire" (Kranky)

from CDNow

Low's Melodic Bliss
By David McGurgan
CDNOW Special Projects Editor

On its latest album, Things We Lost in the Fire, Low has crafted a recording that exceeds its own high standards of creativity, harmony, and subtlety.

The vocal interplay between guitarist Alan Sparhawk and drummer Mimi Parker is as gorgeous as ever on such tracks as "In Metal" and "Closer," which echo the melodic bliss of Lennon/McCartney and the Everly Brothers. The leadoff single, "Dinosaur Act," features Parker's deeply tuned drums thudding along against a simmering sheen of rock that sports a harsher edge than previous material while managing to remain elegant.

The elementary approach on "Laser Beam" is stunning and moving. Parker's voice reverberates like a perfectly tuned instrument, and sparse bass and guitar accompaniment are used to great effect. One of the album's many highlights is "Closer," which is augmented by a string arrangement and perfectly illustrates the delicate aura of Low's well-crafted music.


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