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Low, Songs for a Dead Pilot [Kranky]

from Ink Nineteen, February 1998.

Low present us with their fourth album, their first with Kranky and the first one captured on 8 track home recording. Other than that, the Low formula is still intact: hypnotically slow tempos and progressions, hauntingly beautiful male/female vocals, quiet, mesmerizing songs. They do continue to evolve and experiment: "Condensed" is augmented by the addition of strings, while "Born By The Wires" (my favorite) explores patience both in the song's development and aftermath. "Condescend" has quiet, beautiful male/female vocal harmonies, a distant organ, and a plodding, thudding rhythm that seems so out of place but works in an odd way. Two more songs proper and a sound wash introduction ("Will The Night"), the songs fitting alongside Low's previous work quite well, make Songs For A Dead Pilot complete. Completely amazing, as always.

-- Martin Albelo


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