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k. / Low, split (Tiger Style)

from Milk Magazine
4 June 2001

k. is the capital letter fearing nom de rock of Karla Schickele who, when she wasn't busy playing with Ida, used to record as Beekeeper. Her first release as k. was a seven-inch that included a Low cover, her second is a split release with the like-minded band. Karla's fine pair of songs on this split should obviously appeal to those who enjoy her contributions to Ida's repertoire - they're certainly no stylistic leap. Warn Defever's remix of "Were We To Dance" (itself a cover of a song by Defever proteges Flashpapr) is magical, in a backwoods sort of way - likely how the genius behind His Name Is Alive intended it.

Defever also recorded Low's two tracks, although his approach seems to be a bit more hands-off, as Low contribute a pair of their poppiest songs: "Those Girls" is a song they've played live for a while but hadn't recorded until now, a lazy, straightforward treat with a mellow piano line. Also on this disc is the Time Stereo Dub Version of "Venus," which, although its name sounds far-out, is actually a fairly straight re-reading of a song from the band's 1997 Sub Pop single.

Four fine songs by two fine bands, this split is nevertheless something that'll probably appeal mostly to completists (myself included), but doesn't serve as a starting point for either band.

- Josh Modell