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k. / Low, split EP (Tiger Style)

from the Brain Volume IV Issue 19, 20 May 2001

Low may now be superstars, (yet they're not too big to still appear on a multitude of compilations and singles) but the shining moments on this split single belong to Karla Shickele's new project, K. The lineup of K features a mixed cast of friends, including Tara Jane O'Neil (of Retsin, Rodan and solo fame), Cynthia Nelson (of Retsin, Ruby Falls and the Naysayer), Ida bandmate Michael Littleton, and Ida Pearle. Over the last year, there have been some random K shows in the northeast US as well as a couple home-manufactured CD-R releases, each time gathering more attention, leading up to an anticipated debut album. K's "Regular Girl" opens the disc on a strong note, a brand new song worthy of affection from any Ida appreciator. What follows are two from Low, includning a touchingly sweet track from 1997 titled "Those Girls," which could almost be a speech directed to teenage girls. Also from Low is a 3/4 time reworked "Venus" recorded by Warn Defever, which is nice to have for the fans, yet the voices sound kind of off. Defever also remixed the closing track, a short Flashpapr cover tune, "Were We to Dance," a basic tune which could have been recorded straight to four-track, powerful yet humble. "Were We to Dance" originally appeared on the 'Your Name and Mine' CD-R from K released last year. K is on tour right now with Retsin, check the dates at Tiger Style's website, and the full-length album is due in July.

- Jon Whitney