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Naked in the Afternoon: a Tribute to Jandek (Summersteps)

from Gravity Girl. February 2001

Being a strange figure to induct into the hallowed hall of, uh, tribute-record-worthy status, here a collection of dreamers, travellers, and theorists offer twenty-one takes on what makes the man the man. Opinions amongst these musical fans swing as wildly as opinions amongst folks at large; or, perhaps, they swing only as wildly as the musical-spectrum Jandek's bizarred-blues outsider-art outings offer up in the first place, with each listen detecting different desires and inspired disparate reactionary reactions. Here, some see him as an angelic light (impeccably-piped Danubian Amy Denio, whose ghostly-voice/noise/organ/location-sound take on Your Condition is the pick of the compile), while others step up to the plate with harrowingly-tormented figure (Low, on Carnival Queen), incurably-romantic-creepy-sexual-asshole (Olivia Tremor Control offshoot Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't on Jessica), old-stlye folkie truth-teller (The Couple Scene, on Babe I Love You), and performance-art comedy-figure (Bright Eyes, who get field-recordingly conceptual by vox-pop-ing the question Have You Ever Heard of Jandek?).

Anthony J. Carew