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Charles Atlas, Two More Hours [Star Star Stereo]

from Truckfighter, February 2000

I havent heard of this band before I got this CD, but after looking up some info I've found out that this trio hails from Chicago and is led by a man called Charles Wyatt, who used to be in the band 'Dart' from San Fransisco. The songs on the CD moves in ambient, yet melodic territories. Electronic yet still organic with both effect-drenched guitars and keyboards. 5 of the tracks on the CD is original compositions and two are remixes. Alan Sparhawk of Low takes care of one of the remixes and makes it a slow moody piece, not very unlike his own work in Low, only instrumental and more electronic. Most of the songs on the CD holds quite a low pace and move in quite danceable territories, not in the aspect that you actually can dance to them, but more that they have elctronic drums and sounds. All songs are quite minimalistic with stripped down instrumentation and often just building around a single loop or riff. The overall feeling is great though. Beautiful and emotional, still experimental and ambient.


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