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Various Artists, Keith Cameron Presents: The Carve-Up (CD, Loose)

The Carve-Up was the unofficial name for a radioshow ≠ not much unlike this zine's very own TKRYL - presented by Keith Cameron on the London-based alternative station Xfm. When the station was taken over by Capital Radio, Keith got sacked and the show went off the air. Quite a shame, judging from the tracklist of this - well, let's say posthumous - compilation containing what would be a typical playlist for the show (good variation, from blistering Digital Hardcore by Bomb 20 to hauntingly beautiful tracks from Low and Piano Magic to rocking classics by Mudhoney and Motorpsycho), plus some excellent exclusive tracks from Carve-Up staples like Mogwai, Arab Strap and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Somebody should wake this guy up to the possibilities of webcasting. He'd be back on the air before he knew it, doing God's work with the rest of us.   (by ariŽn)