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Low & Spring Heel Jack, Bombscare

from CMJ Issue 682, 11 September 2000.

Well, SHJ has sure been keeping the pressing plants busy: This album and EP are its third and fourth releases this year alone. Disappeared finds the duo of John Coxon and Ashley Wales working a vibe similar to the one they've been working for some years now, plying brittle instrumental tracks driven by hard, distorted bass rhythms and whip-crack snare samples. While the drum programs feel a bit dated at times, the duo's production chops and sense of dynamics keep things pumping: "Bane" (propelled by an acoustic guitar sample) and the driving "Trouble & Luck" are particularly hot. The EP is another story entirely: A collaboration with Minnesota soundsculptors Low, all four songs drift by at about a third of the speed of the slowest track on Disappeared and feature the always beautiful pipes of Low vocalist Mimi Parker.

- Amir Hijazi: CMJ New Music Report Issue: 682 - Sep 11, 2000


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