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1999 Millennial Greetings


Low Your message of hope/doom to fans on the eve of the century's end is:
Don't worry. The next few years is what's gonna get you.

Where are you going to be at the stroke of midnight for this coming Y2K New Years?
Opening for Jewel in Alaska...Oh wait, I guess that got canceled. Watching the tube waiting for Dan Rather to assure us that everything is fine. We'll sigh in relief and go to bed.

Do you have a New Year's Resolution? How long do you expect it to last?
Perhaps I'll try to ride my bicycle more.

Who do you feel is the most important artist of the 20th century?
I'm not sure I could answer that without being sarcastic.

What do you think is the most useful invention of the 20th century?
Light bulb. Look at all we got done after the sun went down. No more torches--less angry mobs.

The most useless?
Social security and welfare - we really should be able to rely on each other instead of put the responsibility on the shoulders of the faceless government. We've, as a result, lost touch with our sense of community.

Nineties trend you don't want to come back to visit in 2010 in: Music? Fashion, etc.?

If you could play a millennium party anywhere in the world where would it be?
The Map Room in Memphis.

Ideal bands for your millennium party?
Neutral Milk Hotel, AC/DC, Everly Brothers, Dirty 3, Blondie.

Final comment on Y2K issue?
The worst is yet to come.

Favorite Records of 1999?
The Flaming Lips record [The Soft Bulletin], the Darling record that nobody will put out, the Angels of Light, the Ida record that their record company won't put out, Tom Waits's Mule Variations, Godspeed You Black Emporor! E.p., Idaho-alas.


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