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Radio K Performance and 400 Bar, Minneapolis, MN
Thursday, 25 March 1999

what a day yesterday was, kids. Low played 4 songs live on Radio K yesterday : Starfire, I Remember, Weight of Water and Lion/lamb. Lion/lamb was exceptionally beautiful; they sort of rearranged the piano bit so it's smoother than on Secret Name and played it a bit slower, and the effect it had on the tune was breathtaking. there's also a lengthy interview, unfortunately during the first half of it alan's mic was turned off, but you can still make out what he's saying.

so. this brings me to the show at the 400 last night (wassup to the kid on the vending machine - i saw you!). here's a complete (i think) set-list; starfire can either back me up on this or discredit me.

- I Remember
- Starfire
- Weight Of Water
- Two-Step (phenomenal)
- Immune
- Missouri
- Don't Understand
- Lion/Lamb
- Soon
- Days of....
- Words
- Will the Night
- Home
- Bright
- No Need
- Lazy
- Violence
- Tomorrow One

I could not believe that they played that last one. i've seen them 7 times now, and that song has always been on my low wish list.

so. the new record. BUY THE VINYL, kids. the bonus tracks - old man song & last breath are essential. secret name is the most beautiful record they have yet produced. it's captivating and wonderful, and i cannot imagine hearing it on anything but the 150 gram analog vinyl.

sigh. so, i leave you with that. say hello to them when they come through your town!

take care,
bryan carroll

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