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Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, 31 October 1998 (Halloween!)
with the Hangovers and Firewater

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Low opened for the Hangovers (who were pretty bad, which is why I'm back early from the show) and Firewater (who I missed because of the aforementioned poor showing).

Setlist was something like (order generally right):

- Lord, can you hear me?
- Condescend
- Starfire
- Two Step (?)
- Be There
- Coattails
- Will the Night

And then, something truly amusing happened. In the grand tradition of Phish's Halloween "dress up like another band" bash, Low finished the last three songs of their set in the style of the Misfits.

- Words
- ????
- Over the Ocean

I never thought I'd see the day that Low played a blistering thrash punk song. Now I have. They *really* cranked up the distortion and wailed. No joke. I just about fell off my chair laughing. And Alan's guitar solo. Wow.

Just imagine Alan screaming in quadruple time, "Over the sand! Over the plan! Over the empire!" and "I can hear 'em, baby!" You get the picture.

Incidently, I asked Zak what the second 'punk-version' song was because I couldn't understand a single word of it. He didn't know. "Maybe it was Turn, I'm not sure."

Please, please someone tell me they taped the show tonight - this was truly one for the archive.

- Richard Lewis

After a satisfying set of mostly newer material (Condescend, Lord), the band fumbled on stage with their backs turned for a few moments. They emerged as the Misfits, complete with black t-shirts, black eyeliner rings and black fin bangs (Alan even had the proper tattoos drawn on).

Not heeding the shouts for "Green Hell" and "Skulls" they launched into thrashed up versions of "Words," "Turn" and "Ocean." The temptation to start a pit was excruciating, but I resisted (hey, there were still people sitting on the floor). The crowd seemed to be split between completely mystified and rolling laughing. Quite the Halloween treat.


I was talking to Alan last night, about the Spaceland show and he told me a story about the show that I must relate....

He had been reading "Get in the Van" By Henry Rollins (the Blag Flag book) and he had read the story about the night they played w/ The Misfits. He said that it took a bit of convincing but he got Mimi and Zack to do the whole Misfits thing. Earlier that day he got Zack to draw on the tattoos, and along with those he got him to do the Black Flag bars. So later on they are in the venue waitng for soundcheck, and Alan decides to go wash his hair cause he's feeling kind of grungy. So he's in the bathroom washing his hair and someone comes in and says "Nice Bars, man", and proceeds to take a piss. Al thanked him and didn't think anything of it. Then another guy walks in and says "Hey Des." The guy named Des leaves. Then Al looks up and looks at the guy, and then he realized: that was Des from Black Flag. They both sarted laughing. Neat-o huh?

gabriel piller

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