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Planet Nine, Reno, NV
Friday, 30 October 1998

There was a knock at my door at 6:40 p.m. -- yep, it was Al and Mim and Zak, ready to find the club they were playing at.

Low played for about an hour and altho I usually love it when bands do encores, they didn't do one. And that's okay because the set was paced so perfectly and selected so well that any extraneous stuff (no matter how cool) would've changed the vibe. They played. We sighed. They conquered.


- Two step (an amazing amazing song)
- landlord (a very tense, even slower version)
- condescend (great bass by zak)
- words (a big surprise and really beautiful, the audience's fave...)
- immune (another amazing new song, great lyrics!)
- untitled (the bonus transmission EP song, see below....)
- be there (the Casio makes an appearance)
- shame (very very hushed version, an audience request)
- lust (another audience request, my fave of the night -- very very intense)
- violence (another audience request, much like the CD version)
- will the night (a perfectly subtle ending)

they sold a bunch of shirts (the skull!) and some Dead Pilot. The audience was about half those who've heard of Low and people just curious and only a few (yuppie scum) left midway for fear of being challenged by something different.....

this was the first time I had heard immune or two step or the non-fuzzy will the night. All three are tremendous. Immune (dare I say it) should be a hit (but hopefully not overplayed). The performance of untitled was a definite highlight. it sort of took the place of Waltz at previous shows I had seen -- the intense slightly louder moment that surprised people.

i'm happy to report that the audience was very cool and did not make much noise at all. some talking in the back, but whispered. no obnoxious drunks (a first for reno!).

the band seemed very happy, but tired (they had a long slog the day before from Provo to SF and were gearing up for Reno to LA today). They all seemed enthused about the future Kranky/Albini thing. The only tidbit I feel comfortable sharing is that it will have full European distribution, which means a tour in Europe next year as well as more in the US in 1999. Also, Mim said that there will be some extra musicians on the next Kranky record (most likely strings!) and that they are still deciding which of the new songs will make it onto the record. Expect Spring '99 for the release.

BTW, be sure (for those seeing the rest of the tour) to speak with Chris, who is traveling with them as their soundperson. He is equally as great to speak to and hang with as the Low folks. He also has a great label of his own in Mlps.

Boy am I happy!

mark e
reno nv

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