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The Rhapsody, Provo, UT
Wednesday, 28 October 1998

Great show. The set list was incredible. The sound was not as good as could be. Not like SLC, which was better. But it proves that a great band sounds great no matter what. Met Chad at the show, he's taped both Utah shows. As well as Jon. So there's lot's of coverage. I picked up the Random Acts of Radio CD and Pilot and Long Division on vinyl. Talked to Zak a little bit. Low as a group of people are very cool. They have none of that "Rockstar" attitude. They seem to just blend in with the crowd and then walk up on stage and all-of-a-sudden: sublime magic.

Here's the set list. Does anyone happen to know the title of the song with the repeated phrase: "I don't understand" ???

- Lord, can you hear me?
- The Plan
- Violence
- Be There
- Lust
- Words
- "Understand"
- Coattails
- Will the Night
- Venus
- Lion & Lamb

Still spinning and dreaming, Sean Young

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