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The Moroccan, Salt Lake City, UT
Tuesday, 27 October 1998
with Landing and Ether Orchestra

Low in SLC was excellent last night. I have been more of a watcher on this list until now. I met Jon (Quandary) at the show. He and Chad (I believe) were taping the show. I only have the set list in my head. Which is still spinning from the show. The order may be slightly off. I hope I have all the titles right. (Jon or Chad, please help out, especially with the "I don't understand" one)

- Landlord
- Immune
- Condescend
- Throw out the line
- Turn
- Over the Ocean
- (something repeating "I don't understand")
- Below & Above
- Starfire
- Lord, can you hear me?
- Will the night

The show was amazing. I haven't listened to Low for about a month. I wanted to really have fresh ears for seeing the show. It's the first time I've seen Low live. Hearing the songs like this felt like I was hearing them the first time. You know that stunned feeling when you can't believe that something this beautiful actually exists. The Morrocan is about the size of a storage unit and it was packed. Landing and Ether Orchestra opened up. They were good, although half-formed. Not quite where Low is in development. I have a little bias as I was really just thinking about Low. When Low finally came on about midnight, I was floating. The sound just seemed to come from nowhere. When Alan sang on Landlord he was standing about a foot from the mic. His voice seemed just to bounce off the walls. The stand-out for me was "Lord, can you hear me?" It was performed with so much conviction that it just chilled me to the bone. I made me think that Low makes hymns and lullabies for the apocalypse. In a world where other music is just constantly adding to the noise that is all around us, there is Low. A still point in a moving world. A moment arrested. A moment where things collide. Past and present. Loss and comfort. Memory and hope. A simple truth captured in words and sound. All in a zen-like manner where only the essentials are present. Music with real soul.

Wow. I could go on forever.

A couple more things. I am going to see them again in Provo tonight. Last night I bought the live CD and I almost bought the Joan of Arc 7". The guy in front of me bought the last one. I was freaking out. Does anyone know where I can get a copy? Soon? Also, does anyone know how easy it is to get the Spaceman 3 trubute? I would love to get my hands on that.

Sean Young

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