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The Marquee, Halifax, NS
Saturday, 26 September 1998
with Ida

You know, I've never been a very religious person but... errrr. Scratch that... too easy a way to describe Low's performance last saturday night at the Marquee club in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Don't bother asking for a detailed set list, as the whole night is reduced to a nod and a sway, drawn out 1 hour and 15 minutes. The songs that immediatly jump to mind include Words, Drag, Condecend, Violence, Starfire, Lord can you hear me (in no particular order)...

But I can't speak of the good when the night was slightly bruised by the drunken heckler who I'll assume is not a member of the list. They had just started the feedback drenched Waltz when someone yells "What the *insert explitive* are you doing?!", runs up near the side of the stage and began yelling "Yeah you guys really rock!" (rather sarcastically i might add). You could tell the entire audience were quickly becoming annoyed (not to mention the band), with not a few yelling for silence. The other band members stopped playing after a minute of straight abuse and then it was just alan singing some lyrics to the effect "Wait until you are dead, all your friends will be far away.." etc. (improvised?) With repeated pestering from this non-fan he threw his hands up and walked off stage (not before being consoled by mimi). Then mimi walked right up in front of Mr. Heckler, pointed right in his face and yelled "You're in asshole". Well, the crowd errupts in cheers, which doesn't stop until the band comes out for the first of their 2 encores!!

It truely was a wonderful concert, and it would take much more than a drunken Jock Jams fan to ruin... (no insult intended to any "Jock Jams" fans out there)

shaun schmeisser

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