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Electric Lounge, Austin, TX
Saturday, 19 September 1998

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Fantastic. Mostly quiet (except the people by the bar grumbling "What is this?").

They didn't follow their own setlist but they did play Be There, Starfire, Peanut Butter & American Bandstand, and Words (after soliciting requests and everybody calling out for Words, Alan said, "We'll accede to your corporate request.")

They're going to record the new record for Kranky in November for a spring release.

Alan said that they didn't have that bad a time on the Soul Coughing tour, in fact it was a lot of fun. Soul Coughing have also been known to try their hand at "Words" occasionally.

I suggested that they put out they're own remix record as a response and Alan said maybe. Low wanted John McEntire (Tortoise) and the guys from Soul Coughing, among others, to do the Caroline release.


the show was gr8 for me..i was up front..got to talk with Mimi pre-show (Zak was sick and seemed cranky). I also met up with their pal Scott and snagged a copy of Radom Acts of Radio Vol. 1 for myself that has 'Immune" on it. Plus, Scott gave me a T-shirt with 'DJ Starfire' on it...the LOW song 'Starfire' is about Scott and his pirate radio station that was shut down by the FCC.

Mimi didn't seem to care and thought it was cute that I'd duped a copy of the remix album onto a cd-r rather then buy it after i heard the band was not getting any money from it. :-)

I also snagged the set list: It is as follows (basically): Be There / Immune / Condescend / Lazy / Violence / PBT & AB / The Plan / Lord Can You Hear Me / Starfire / Words / Will The Night. They also snuck something else in there, and I forget what it was. (sorry).

Managed to also get an umarked copy of the poster for the show and have the band sign it. So I was happy with that, too.

Alan told me that the Hospital People 7" should start to be shipped in the next few weeks. That its only now been pressed..and the record needs to be stickered (whatever that meant) before shipping.

And as posted..no new recording sessions until Spring..and it'll again be on Kranky.BUT......Alan and Mimi have a track freatured on the Soundtrack for a new film called FIRST LOVE,LAST RITES that is out now. The track is called 'Just Really Wanna See You Again'. Its cool. Now go buy it. :-)

So..overall..kudos to those at the Austin show for SHUTTING UP. It was easily the best behaved crowd I've ever SEEN at a low show.


craig boone

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