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Tramps, New York, NY
Thursday, 9 April 1998

(rainy night, sell-out show, too many chatty industry types, too many students with backpacks and clove cigarettes...)

magnetic fields played from 8:45-9:30 and were brilliant, though subdued. rather noisy crowd which grew in volume.... highlights of their set included:

- come back from san francisco
- i don't believe you
- as you turn to go
- movie star
- i've got new york
- the books she read...
- all the umbrellas in london
- falling out of love with you

the first 4 are unreleased tracks from the uncoming 6ths album, by the way...

low came on a bit after 10pm and did these (from the set list):

- lord can you hear me
- immune
- condescend
- be there
- landlord
- words
- bsa
- starfire
- will the night

the set list -- which alan gave me -- also included "over the ocean" but they cut it at the last minute. "words" was exceptional, and even slower than the album version; zak played the optigon on "be there" and "starfire" was the best of the lot. the played really louly, too, which was a treat, and really played up variations in dymanics on several songs. the audience was very strange though -- those of us up front were very attentive, but there was a dull roar from the back of the hall that in some ways was nice... sort of a random noise factor. it was also the most confident i've ever seen them in a large hall before.

i left after that though, so no news about high llamas...

ld beghtol

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