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Seventh Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN
Saturday, 8 November 1997

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I just had the most incredible weekend...I saw Low twice in one day! It was at the Seventh Street Entry in Minneapolis and Low played an all ages show at 6pm and a 21+ show around 11pm. Also opening both shows for them was Darling and Ida.

I'll start with Darling since they played first. Darling was phenomenal!!! They open the all ages show with an instrumental song called "two spiders" in which Alan (Sparhawk) played backing guitar. After that the audience was stunned and the singer said, (referring to Alan playing with them) "That just made my month." Then they went on to play some other songs off their debut album "Ends in Fantasy" and if you've head the album you understand.

Next up was Ida and I'd have to say I enjoyed their set the least...not to say that it wasn't good. I just think I had my expectations set to high after all the good things I'd heard about them. The blonde, female singer had a lovely voice and it harmonized perfectly with the the male guitarist. There was just that song about call waiting (someone referred to it earlier) and a song where they said "I could touch myself for hours" that really turned me off to their music. However, they did do a good cover of an old Crazy Horse classic.

Now for Low. Low was as good as I'd ever seen them and this makes 7 times. The all ages show started like this: down, venus, condescend. Other songs I remember them playing include: be there, boyfriends and girlfriends, landlord, hey chicago, starfire, two step, lazy, shame, hidden track on transmission ep, over the ocean, the plan, lust, and they closed the 21+ show with blue christmas (new for the Christmas season).

After this show, I'd have to say my new favorite Low song is Starfire. It a song about a friend of Alan's in Duluth who started his own radio station. The only disappointment in the shows was some guy standing up right in front of the stage and refusing to sit down like everyone else. People were yelling at the guy and threw a cup at him. Then Alan tried to calm the audience and said "I just don't want to deal with this." Then he said no fighting, this next song is about fighting and they played "hey chicago".

Great show! And if you haven't given Darling a listen yet, you're really missing out. Alan would agree.

Paul Schmerse

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