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Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN
Saturday, 12 July 1997

I got home on Monday from Minneapolis where I saw Low perform on Saturday night. The show was held at the Walker Art Center in conjunction with an exhibit by the video artist, Diana Thater. The exhibit was interesting but Low's performance was of course the highlight. They played for an hour and a half. During the performance, lightning flashed outside the windows that ran the length of one side of the room. The contrast made for quite an experience. They played a mixture of songs, most of which were recent or brand new. One of the new tracks went on for about 10 minutes after the vocals ended; during this time Alan strummed the same notes over and over between lengthy silences; louder and louder. It was amazing. If these new songs are an indication of what's to come, then we are in for a treat.

Here's the set list...

- No Need
- Venus
- Words
- new track
- new track
- new track
- Be There
- Below & Above
- Over The Ocean
- Stay
- Shame
- new track (they played this at the last show I was at in May, so I don't know if its unreleased or not but I don't have it. It's quite beautiful but I guess that's a given.)

*Also, I met Alan and Zak briefly after the show and both were kind enough to sign my curtain.. cd booklet.


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