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Norshore Theatre, Duluth, MN
Saturday, 4 April 1997
with the Softies

this show was a while ago, but i remember that it was the first time that i heard them play 'venus', and i was so absolutely stunned and blissed out afterwards. i also remember hearing 'no need' and 'anon'. there was an incredible amount of noise from the people at the bar, being (i think) a friday or saturday night... needless to say, this was incredibly irritating. it was evident that low had had enough of the drunken disturbance, and proceeded (during anon, if i'm not mistaken) to blast the stupid lushes into oblivion. that's still the loudest i've ever heard low get live, and to the loudest applause (from the fairly large group of attentive listeners in the adjacent section of the theatre). ps the softies were ok too.

bryan c.

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