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Westbeth Theatre, New York, New York
Friday, 28 March 1997

This was a odd evening. The room has very odd acoustics, so even with monitors it's extremely difficult to hear yourself playing on-stage, and on top of that the band seemed to be having all sorts of annoying technical difficulties with weird moments of (accidental) feedback and microphones popping and going in and out of the mix. The band seemed extremely uncomfortable, and neither Alan nor Mimi were in top voice, but after a rocky start they did deliver a good show. Highlights were a longish version of "Over the Ocean" with a rather different intro, and a very beautiful version of "Boyfriends & Girlfriends". This was the first time I'd heard "Venus" as well -- which I thought was unusually pop for them, in terms of tempo and chord progression. Best of show was a really long version of "Prisoner" which range out majestically over the crowd.

This was during Alan's long-haired period, and he looked very dashing in a sever black suit. Mimi wore a skirt.

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