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Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis, MN
Thursday, 10 October 1996
with Dirty Three, Spent

the dirty three almost stole the show, due to warren ellis' hilariously drunken state. he was jumping on chairs, meandering in some sort of semi-circular fashion around the stage and blabbering hysterical slurred monologues in between songs. spent was ok too. the cedar cultural center is this huge ballroom type place with really great acoustics. all i can remember from this show is that the place was packed, probably like 300 people, and low drenched in a hazy navy blue light doing 'shame' and 'do you know how to waltz?'. the crowd was pretty cool, save for a few indie-rock scene makers who would not shut up and, of course, were seated directly behind me. low played for quite some time, the longest set i've ever seen them do. they probably closed in on an hour and 45 minutes, including a couple of encores. one lesson learned - folding chairs suck ass.

bryan c.

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