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Grand Emporium, Kansas City, MO
Monday, 22 April 1996
with Thinking Fellers

My first show in '94 was unfortunately downplayed by the fact I had no idea who they were and was looking forward to the acts they opened for; Luna and Matthew Sweet respectfully.

This, I call my first real show.

When I arrived at the Grand Emporium, much to my surprise, this legendary KC blues/jazz house was nearly void of all life. The band was sitting innocuously at a table listenig to Thinking Fellers. Feeling a bit courageous, I walked up introducing myself and pleading for them to play 'Lullaby'. They dutifully obliged me.

The atmosphere could have been no better. The band lured me in as though all the pain of existence was vacuumed from me and put on display. Ultimately transforming a small, empty house into an internal deconstruction of the self and all its encumbered instruments ready to be purged for no better reason than to simply fight the good fight(dare I say rage against the dying of the light). In timely fashion the adagio built to it's zenith with the tug of Lullaby's lyrics and 7 beautiful(albeit painful) minutes of Alan's guitar. I wept.

The band played a myriad of songs from their albums, but it was 'Lullaby' which I cannot forget. If I had known the coming effect of it, I might not have requested the song, or possibly not have gone to the show. Nevertheless, I am glad I did.

Often times I tell my friends to sit alone in the dark with 'I Could Live in Hope' if they truly wish to get an idea of what I am. It is an experience I can only compare to those tumultuous moments while gazing deep into the self attempting to redact that which cannot adequately be written about( Ironically enough, I am inspired by the band, but am unable to compose). My lucidity is was thrust to and fro that night at the Grand Emporium, to which I can think of no better way to spend $5 than on cognizance.


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