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Diverse Works, Houston, TX
Thursday, 6 March 2003

The venue for last nights show was Diverse Works just outside downtown Houston. Diverse Works is an artist warehouse and very LOW friendly. The show was in a black box style theater with seats and a little bit of a light show. Before the first song was played, Alan commented that this was a nice step up from being downstairs at Fitzgerald's the past couple of times to town and this drew cheers of approval from the crowd. Alan also pointed out where the exits were located just incase the pyro got out of hand. Alan started laughing and Mimi just stood their with arms folded and most definitely NOT laughing. Alan quickly added that the fire must have been a horrible thing to experience and it was most definitely not a laughing matter.

The set list:

Amazing Grace
Little Argument w/ Myself
John Prine
La La La Song
In The Drugs
Lion / Lamb
Point Of Disgust
The Lamb

Dinosaur Act

After the first four or five songs, Alan commented that some of their louder songs didn't sound good inside this venue. However, this allowed them to showcase some of their quieter songs. We were treated to a acoustic sounding version of "Canada." Alan started the first two line of "Starfire" and then stopped saying it wouldn't sound good. Mimi again folded her arms and said, "we are doing this song!" At one point, you could hear Zak making chicken sounds like......bock bock bock (did someone scream do the bird:)

Major props to Mimi for wearing her red cowboys boots.

John Meaux in Beaumont

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