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Union Chapel, London, UK
Saturday, 15 February 2003

Back at the head of the queue in the cold and once inside, in the same pew positions as last night. Low started with "That's How You Sing Amazing Grace" and played what seemed to me a looser, bit less poised show than last night. Maybe they were a little tired. The crowd seemed a more subdued too and the sound seemed a bit different with Alan's guitar seemingly louder in the mix somehow. The real surprise was that they played Lust. Fearless was a highlight and Mimi pulled off a terrific Point Of Disgust which got a great response. Alan even managed to break two strings. He asked if anyone knew how to restring his telecaster but despite chomping at the bit and only a few metres away I didn't dare offer. He had it done in no-time though - then proceeded to take up the Danelectro for the next song! There were even calls for a drum solo at one point (Mimi : - I'm not a drummer!") Two fab nights then with the first one being particularly incredible.

Peter Bowers

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