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Colegio San Juan Evangelista, Madrid, Spain
Wednesday, 11 December 2002

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Yesterday Low played in Madrid, for the very first time. In fact, it was their proper first gig in Spain (after Benicassim Festival, where they played a reduced set). The venue was a little auditorium, placed in a residence for universitary students. I am not very good with numbers, but I guess the attendance was about 300 people. Small place, very respectful crowd (excepting a couple of mobile phone calls...I just cannot understand why people don't turn them off) and a lot of expectation.


- (That's How You Sing) Amazing Grace
- John Prine
- Tonight
- Candy Girl
- Sunflower
- In the Drugs
- Fearless
- La La La Song
- Canada
- Two-Step
- Below & Above
- The Lamb
- The Last Snowstorm of the Year
- Will the Night
- Like a Forest
- Lordy

It was such an amazing gig. Really good sound, excepting for a constant buzz, after the third or fourth song, which was all the time breaking the silence, and causing troubles to the band. They were extremely nice. After "Candy Girl" Alan said "it is always the same.. we are serious for three or four songs and then we turn into... clowns". At this point, Zak started to do some clown dance. When presenting "La la la.." Alan said it was really easy to sing along, like a Frank Sinatra song. It seems his Spanish is improving, because he even know our verb "cantar" (sing). My favourite speeching moment came before playing "Last snowstorm...". He presented the song saying that in Duluth they are really used to snowstorms. And then he said "and it is a really short song, so do not worry, if you dont like it, it will be over soon". I dont want you to bore to death with all the intros and speeches, but they were great. Even when the silence was broken by a mobile call just at the end of Candy Girl, they just started to do some parody of a telephonic conversation. I really think they were feeling comfortable. Or maybe it is just that I want to think it, because, you know, I really really want them to come back.

Ssongs like "John Prine" are just amazing. When they started to sing the last lines we were shocked. I have never seen so much emotion expressed with such few means. "Candy Girl" and "The lamb" were great, too.

They even thanked the people who worked preparing the stage. This could sound pretty normal, but it is not, you know. And after the gig they spent a lot of time signing records and cds. I have now my copy of "Trust" signed by them all, and I had the chance to ask Zak to come back as soon as possible. You know, they should be touring Europe every two months. I do know that's selfish, but.... I do not care! I mean, is there any more beautiful sound than Mimi's voice?

Still enjoying the perfect Christmas gift.


i just came back from seeing the band live, it was the second time for me and it was amazing!!! even better than last summer at the festival. the band took requests during the encore after playing just one song and the crowd asked for all kinds of things (errm even stairway to heaven), the guys couldn't hear or understand most of what they shouted which was kinda funny but they ended up playing three of the requests to end the show. unfortunately they didn't play anything from the christmas record but they more than made up for it with an amazing version of lordy.

i dunno how the promoters ended up using such a crappy and uncomfortable venue (a tiny auditorium in some college dorm) cos even though it certainly added some intimacy, the PA was crappy, the seats were absurdly small and the buzzing old lights kept annoying both the band and the audience. kudos to low's soundguy though for making it sound great anyway and for surviving the (i guess accidental) aerial assault dropped on him from the balcony :)

thank you low for coming all the way to my hometown and giving us all a night to remember despite the circumstances, hope to have you back in the near future.


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