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Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, UK
Thursday, 25 April 2002

Great show last night... Even better than when I saw them at the Union Chapel back in November. The crowd was really respectful during the songs, good banter in between songs (Al joked with the crowd that Low was gonna curate All Tomorrows Parties in 2004 and invite Motley Crue and no one else).

Can't remember the order of the setlist, but remember all the songs I think:

New Songs:

They played 3 songs from the Peel Session - "In the Drugs" (sounded nicer than on Peel I reckon), "Canada" (which was so good - Zak using the fuzz pedal), and "A Little Argument with Myself". They played "John Prine" (I know it's not exactly new) which was cool. They also played a load of new songs I don't know the names of, which I will attempt to describe.

1) They opened the set with this new song that builds slowly to become powerful and tense by the end...Al sings (one of the lyrics was "I am a dead man").

2) Next new song was played on electro-acoustic 12 string (he didn't use the old electric 12 string he has). Mim vocals, pretty song, Zak claps along (there is no bass part)...started with the line "all this time you've been speaking without breathing" I think.

3) Another also sung by Mim, Alan using some nice guitar effects, this one was really very good too (they all were) can't remember the lyrics though :(

4) A really tense one, with the words "candy girl" in it...ended with a drum thud.

5) I think this one is called "That's how we sing amazing grace"...done in the encore...this was the highlight of my evening...Mim sings.

I think that was all of the ones I don't know the names of.

Other songs:

Also on the setlist (I hope I haven't forgotten any) were "Fearless" (the Floyd cover - very true to the original, the quiet sections were especially beautiful, with Mim doing harmonies - they do this song well), "Laser Beam" (you could have heard a pin drop in this, another highlight), "Sunflower", "Two-Step", "In Metal". The big surprise was that they played "Turning Over" - which apparently they've only played live once before.


2 encores, first was "That's how we sing amazing grace", "Dinosaur Act" (Alan really let loose on this, great stuff), "Last Night I Dreamt", and "A Little Argument with Myself" (although I'm not sure if this was earlier in the set; I know they played it, and I seem to remember it being in the encore). So a four song encore to start with, then second encore was "Violence", a fine way to end a great Low set. Someone from the crowd shouted out for them to play for another 6 hours... I wish they had; they were well on form last night.

Bob Shaw

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