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Pres. House, Madison, WI
Friday, 22 February 2002

The show was at the Pres House, which looked like a mix of a small church and a large conference room. There were no chairs; everyone sat on the carpeted floor. Sold out by the way, so it was full. The opener was Chris Lee, who was one man whose songs sounded like Jeff Buckley with rougher edges on his voice. His ongs were o.k., but had a sameness to them.

Low opened with "Lordy," which to me was a pleasant suprise. The second song was "Sunflower," I believe, and from here my memory is lost as to the setlist. They also played standards "Two-Step," "Starfire," "The Plan," "Over the Ocean." In the middle, Alan said they'd play some new songs, and went on to play (as I remember them) "Canada," "Amazing Grace," and another where he says something about "more tests," and "kissing your forehead," which was a really cool song with a big build up at the end. I think Zak used the e-bow and fuzz pedal on it like he does on "In Metal." "John Prine" was also in with those songs. Later someone requested "Venus," to which Al rplied "Your wish is our command." The last song was "In Metal," which was amazing. I'm sure I'm missing some other songs.

Al went to stage left, and Mimi & Zak went stage right for the encore, there was a door on Mimi & Zak's side, but not Al's, so he uncomfortably just sat on the floor next to a audience member. The first song requested was "Dinosaur Act." "Lion/Lamb," "Last night I Dreamt...," were in there, but now that I think of it, I'm probably mixing the some of the encore with the first set, sorry. The overall mood of the show was somber, maybe they were tired, but an excellent show none the less.

This was my first Low concert, so it was well worth it either way. I also got to talk to Al (and purchase a shirt), which was nice. I asked if they would be recording with Steve Albini again, he said no, and added they were recording at home and would do some mixing in England "with a friend." He was much friendlier and talkative than I imagined, given the mood of the show and that there were probably 50 or more people behind me waiting to buy something. A great first live experience.

Jesse Hoheisel

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