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Metro, Sydney, Australia
Saturday, 9 February 2002

with Sea Life Park and Sun

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I went along to the Sydney show at the Metro theatre on Saturday 9 February. I'd been waiting for four years to be able to see them and had been frustrated by all the rumours that had circulated over the last few years about upcoming tours and the like.

The two support acts were Sea Life Park and Sun. Sun in particular were fantastic and there is a great buzz about them in town at the moment. This was only their fourth live show. The closest reference point I can think of would be Mojave3. Some of you may know of Oren Anbachi, an experimental guitarist who has a number of overseas releases on Touch (UK) and Belgium label Kraak (??). Oren plays drums in Sun. Sea Life Park have been playing around Sydney for quite a while and definately worth investigating.

The first thing that was amazing about Low was that the three of them came out and set up all their own gear and then turned around to start playing and the bulk of the audience didn't even release it was them up there! There was certainly no grand entrance or teams of roadies.

The Metro theatre is one of the bigger rooms in Sydney and hosts the usual overseas alternative acts, I'm not sure of the capacity, maybe 1000 or so? It was a little unusual (but good nonetheless) to see Low on a reasonably huge stage with only their small amps and the minimal drum kit.

I'm hopeless remembering set lists, maybe someone else remembers, and as you'd expect, they were musically wonderful, Alan's and Mimi's vocals were beautiful and I really couldn't fault a thing - certainly worth a long wait to see them.

There were a few funny things that happened. The previous week, Ryan Adams played the same venue and Alan said something like "I heard Ryan Adams played for 3hours last week don't expect that from us" He joked around with the Ryan/Bryan thing then treated us to the first verse or so of Summer of 69 - sounded kind of nice.

Alan introduced Words by saying it was a song written when "they" were fighting. Mimi then gave Alan a bit of a dirty look and said something off mic to him, then he said "yes we were" and Mimi rolled her eyes. It was very funny and brought quite a few laughs from the crowd.

A couple or people down the front were calling out for bits and pieces from Low's backcatalogue, some of the requests were met by Zak shaking his head and on one occasion a brief look of panic as Alan tried launching into it - I can't remember what song it was but it was pretty obvious Zak couldn't remember it!

All up a fantastic show and it was quite obvious all three of Low are genuinely nice people and seemed happy to have made it down here to play. I felt guilty as security hurried us out of the venue and I looked back to see the three of Low having to pack up their own equipement, next time around I'll have to offer to help them out.

I hope they come back soon.

Cameron Webb

I can't remember the song Alan tanked on, but it was quite comical when he started to mumble the words. I think it was "Immune." As for the set list, I can recall some of the songs, but I did see them both nights in Sydney and it all kind of blends together what songs I heard. I do know that one of Luella's friends grabbed the setlist off the stage between encores at the Basement.

One comment about the basement show: they played "Lullaby". I know it is a tough song with the layered guitars and only one guitarest, but I was happy to hear it none the less. I had only seen them play it twice previous. Once in Lawrence ages ago and then again in 96 at the Grand Emporium in Kansas City, MO. No matter, I love it when they play it.

They did play the "Plan" and "Two Steps" which are beautiful songs. I remember hearing "Starfire", but not "Lazy".

Props to Luella for her dialogue with the band at the Metro. It is always amusing to see Zak open up and harrass someone.

BTW, I am sure mom and dad missed little Hollis, so if they read this I hope all is well and that everyone is snuggled up safe, warm and as one. And Zak, well I am sure you find warmth somewhere, I am sure Australia thanks you.

Since they took so many requests while in Sydney, I hope you can take another and be in the KC, Lawrence, KS area mid to late May when I go home to visit my mom for a few weeks.

Anyhow, night all.

Jim Galindo

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