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Knickerbocker's, Lincoln, NE
Friday, 6 April 2001
With Bright Eyes

Hello Low fans,

Two months earlier I saw Low in Minneapolis and left spellbound. I was hoping for a reinactment of that show. It was different then that show, but I liked it just the same. This show was at Knickerbockers bar in Lincoln, Ne. on April 6, 2001. A local Omaha band called Bright Eyes opened. They were not my cup of tea. To me, they sounded like the Beta Band on cocaine.

Low started the set with "John Prine", then "Sunflowers", "Dinosaur Act". Next was "Violence", "I Remember", and "Lust". Alan was taking requests at this point, so I spouted out "Starfire". That was the next song they played. I was thrilled.

The crowd had some hecklers in it (maybe Bright Eyes fans?) who seemed drunk and were very disrespectful. This affected the mood of the show, even though the dedicated fans tried not to let it have that much power. The true fans enjoyed the show anyway. Much of the front row consisted of people who knelled down and/or leaned against the stage simply listening to Low's music. This was very powerful to watch and like the concert in Feb., left a positive impression on me towards the band. Low finished their set with "Two Step" and "In Metal", both of which sounded very good.

All in all, this was a great show that could have been just as moving as the first time I saw them (on Feb 8) if those inconsiderate drunks wouldn't have heckled Low. I hate to say it, but I have a feeling they won't be coming back to Lincoln anytime soon, partly becasue of the asshole hecklers, partly because of the Budweiser sponsorship, unknow to Low (they don't drink).

Regardless, if they come anywhere close to Omaha in the future, I'll drop everything to see them again. To me, they are a one of a kind band, not to be missed by anyone who has the patience to relate to them.

Derek Berg

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