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Rubber Gloves, Denton, TX
Saturday, 27 January 2001

with Ghostcar

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I arrived, with friends & sibling in tow, early and got a booth at the bar area. Note: The bar is great addition to Rubber Gloves. Chatted while the crowd grew & through half of Ghostcar's set. I got a spot right up front, curiously empty during Ghostcar, because I wanted to take pictures (no flash of course) and notes on guitar tab (which I'll post later). The evening was bittersweet for me. I was glad to see them one last time in a relaxed setting that they clearly favored, but I was a bit sad that my 5-times-in-5-days adventure was drawing to a close.

John Prine
Dinosaur Act
"We'll do another loud one then get back to business" - Alan
When You Walked Out on Me
Wow! A surprise. Mimi's Shanti Project II contribution.
No Need
Hand So Small
Yes! Finally after nightly promptings from Catherine & me, they played it. Special thanks to Zak for winning the other two over. Unfortunately, Alan got zapped good by the mic, ending the song (nearly over anyway). See, sometimes the polarity of the mic is opposite one's guitar. This means that touching guitar strings & mic at the same time gives you quite a shock. Apparently it could not be technically corrected. After a call by Alan for volunteers, Shari (lovely girl to my left) marched on stage & experienced the pain.

At some point following this (didn't write it down), while preparing for a song, Alan's 12-string B&W Danelectro crashed to the ground. He's had trouble with one of the guitar strap pegs on previous nights but this was the worst. The kids in the back who couldn't see thought he was being rock'n'roll, so cheered. Up front, we groaned. Alan proceeded to tell everyone how he liked Danelectros. They were cheap, good & attractive, but they use inferior strap peg glue. He encouraged the crowd to contact any relatives that work for Danelectro to call that relative and advise them of the situation. The guitar was left on the ground while the gorgeous walnut-finish, hollowbody Gretsch was strapped on for the rest of the show.

In Metal

Don't Carry It All

Audience guy: "Luuust! For the Texas kids, Lust!"
Alan: "Alright, for the Texas kids."

Alan expressed supreme modesty & thankfulness for the crowd's love before exiting the stage to sell stuff & interact.

By the way, all hail sound guy Tom for his board work. Not familiar with the band beforehand, he contributed mightily to them sounding excellent.

On a personal note, I highly recommend following the band around as long as you're not creepy & weird about it. The perspective gained over several nights is glorious.

Thanks to all (especially Catherine without whom I would not have embarked on the journey),
- st. denis

Somehow, I talked my friend, Tony, into joining me in Denton to see Low for the second time that week (He went to the in store at good records thinking I would be there which I sadly was not). This would actually make his second exposure to Low despite many a valiant attempt on my part. As I am sure we all can attest to, often times one's friends are not ready to accept our advice about music (my friends have referred to my devotion to that "crappy slow band" as ridiculous on many occasions). Once we got there, we wandered into the back and watched Ghost car who announced they have one more song left. After a little while, a couple people walk in front of Tony and I and I realize its Alan and Ms. Lewis. Catherine comes back and we discuss the length of the "one more song" of Ghost car (it was a least twenty minutes, which normally wouldn't be that annoying but when one is waiting eagerly, time seems to go a lot slower). They finish and I see Mr. St. Denis up at the front and Catherine sneaks up to the sound board on a little platform above Tony and I to take pictures I'm hoping will soon be on the web site. (here - ed.) I'll refer you all to Mr. St. Denis's set list now with a couple of comments.

John Prine - Okay, I'll second the question from a previous review, why isn't this one the new album? That's a great song!! I need to put that Peel Session on CD somehow so I can listen to this when I'm not at my computer!

When You Walked Out On Me - Yeah, that was nice! The web mistress above me hooted quite loudly at this one, too. Very fitting for Texas, I thought.

re: Alan's Danelectro strap breaking - You know, as fate would have it, I had been discussing getting one of those Danelectro 12 strings for the past month or so and had in fact been at their web page that afternoon. I hold told my friend, Tony that I was thinking of getting one in mid Feb as we drove up to the show. Tony leaned over after Alan's fell and said, "Maybe you should keep looking."

Now, two things Mr. St. Denis failed to mention. One, being the small circle of us staring in awe at the vinyl version of the album (I won't give away the surprise, but trust me, you want it) and two, was the stubborn refusal by a certain Ms. Lewis to having her picture taken with two listees (I told you I'd bring that up!). Her argument was something about how she didn't "photograph" and that she wasn't famous or anything.

So, I grabbed a copy of the new album, finally, at the Denton show, but have yet to listen to it fully. For some reason I'm waiting for a "special occasion" (not that I know what that would entail). I should stop that. At any rate, when they hit your town, go and enjoy! It was a wonderful end to a wonderful week. It was really nice to put some faces to some names that I've oddly grown familiar with these past few years on this list. See, there's another advantage to going and seeing Low live! At any rate, have a good evening, all and thanks for the memories!

Rajesh Michael

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