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33 Degrees in-store & the Mercury, Austin, TX
Friday, 26 January 2001

with Ghostcar

Well the instore was great. Although why 33 Degrees (the store) promoted it as an acoustic show is beyond me. Same setup as the live show, Mim did note that she was acoustic. Hollis made an appearance, being adorable and occasionally expressing pleasure while watching Mom, Dad & Uncle Zak made beautiful music. She's a cutie but was not too fond of me. Beards tend to scare babies. I'm generally harmless though.

They played I think four songs but I can't remember the new ones. Old stuff was Starfire & Violence (played after someone bizarrely requested football). Very intimate & packed.

The actual show was great, as usual. This time I actually wrote down what they played.

John Prine (why isn't this on the album?!)
Dinosaur Act
Laser Beam
Soon (not nearly as harsh as the Dallas performance)
Medicine Magazines
Lust (yes!)
Will the Night (Alan began it an octave lower but gave that up)
In Metal

Take (Not a request, on the setlist)

They continued a trend of pulling chestnuts out. Makes for nice surprises.

Funniest thing was near the end of Immune. After musically asking "Am I naked too?" Alan asked Mim, "Are you naked Mim?" No response, or maybe slight eye-rolling. It was hard to tell. "Are you naked Zak?" Alan continued. Zak nodded, "Yes I am." Singing resumes. Tee hee.

- st. denis

P.S. Oh yeah. Meeting Starfire was a thrill. What a guy. Seeing him cradle Hollis with a big grin on his face while the band played "Starfire" was priceless.

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