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AR JR's Lightbulb Club, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Thursday, 18 November 2001
with Shannonwright

A little news about last night's (Fayetteville) show. It was amazing! As a promoter I couldn't have been happier. As a huge fan, I was in heaven! I'm know I can't recall all the songs but it was a long show (plus encore) that included:

Dinosaur Act
Over The Ocean
Two Step
In Metal
Will The Night
And more that I can't recall right now. The band sounded incredible. Their relieved soundman admitted to me after the show that it was his first time to even hear the band! He did a great job. The heart of the audience (215 people total) was very attentive & very into it. There were some annoying yahoos by the bar but by & large it was a really respectfull crowd. The band themselves were very sweet people which always makes everything even better. shannonwright opened the show. She played with Brian from Man Or Astroman on drums. They were really great as well. She really belts it out. Sort of like a female/solo Nick Cave. For the curious musicians/gearheads, Alan is playing a Gretch hollowbody and a Danelectro 12-string thru what I think is a line booster/overdrive pedal, Line 6 delay modeler and on to two very small Fender amps in stereo. Zak was playing a Travis Bean bass into one or two pedals (one was a fuzz - ElectroHarmonix) on to a small Ampeg flip-top bass amp. Mimi had her standard snare/floor tom/cymbal/bar towel/brushes/mallets set-up.

They are selling the new record (CD only) & new shirts. There were a ton of people there that I've never seen in our club before & I assume some of them are on the Low list so thanks for coming. I hope you had as great of an evening as I did.

- Wade Ogle / JR's

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